Sunday, March 22, 2020

Party Favor - Woo - 'Isolation Beats Vol. 1'

 When it comes to Party Favor you know the track is going to WOO! No doubt these sounds are more than party favors. The hype is real. Party Favor  is  definitely a fan favorite. This visual is nothing short of powerful in a time when we are all trying to adjust and adapt to current events. Party Favor is not allowing his time to go to waste collaborating with  visual mastermind Yoder for this video. Woo is on  'Isolation Beats Vol. 1'..... 

One thing I can say  coming from the heart I am soOo impressed with how many performing artists have adjusted in such a short time.  We are a pretty tight knit music community. Shows upon shows. press upon press.... The tedious schedules that have  everyone running around nonstop. The music  never stops and the show must go on.....  I wish love and light and goood health to everyone in this devastating time. To those un affected by current events, I wish you rest. Be easy my friends. Please stay safe. Thank you! Gratitude.


Isolation Beats Vol. I
Video by: Chris Yoder @chrisyoder

Like this beat? Shoot me a text and I’ll send you a DL -  you can sing over it, rap over it, remix it, whatever you want. Post what you do online with
#IsolationBeats and tag me so I see them. I’ll feature some of my favorites on my Soundcloud or maybe even release some for real.

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