Thursday, March 5, 2020

EATBRAIN - Gydra - Hangjaw - OUT NOW!

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Beatport Excl. 02.03.20 & Worldwide - 16.03.20

The Test of Power & Strength had pitted the raw might the adventurer against impossible odds, and yet through their incredible prowess they had survived to proceed to the next trial. As they stepped into the first true room of the temple complex, leaving its massive courtyard behind them, the adventurer was perplexed to find but a single set of doors before them as the voice of the temple’s mysterious inhabitant boomed forth from its walls once more.
“In the first trial, you were tested upon strength of body alone, but herein such brutish brawn alone will not see you succeed. Beyond this door lays the third and final trial & the knowledge you seek, but you must first prove that your spirit is pure and that your soul is clean of any ulterior motives should you ever hope to leave. This is the second trial of the temple. This is the TEST OF SPIRIT & SOUL.”
The voice departed as quickly as it had arrived, and the adventurer moved to step through the door. Flinging open the great door they found themselves alone, suspended above a great void by an animalistic spirit that seemed to emerge from their own bodies. The adventurer hung precariously from this great creature, and as the beast began to move their connection was tenuously held by only the smallest movements of the adventurer’s body. Battered by wind and wave of doubt and dread at what might lay before them, the adventurer journeyed through the spirit realm on virtue of thought alone,before finding themself deposited beyond the threshold of the very door that they had stood before both so recently and yet so long ago. They were approaching the knowledge that they had for so long sought, but before them lay the third and final trial, which promised to push their limits further than any that had come before.
GYDRA return to EATBRAIN to debut the followup to their most recent EATBRAIN single Lava Run - “The Test of Power & Strength”, with a continuation of the thematic series in the form of HANGJAW – "THE TEST OF SPIRIT AND SOUL". This newest single from the Russian neurofunk legends brings their draconic fury to the EATBRAIN horde, imbuing their ranks with the spirit of the legendary creatures from which they draw their name.

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