Friday, November 1, 2019

Skantia - 'Dark Matter'

Pheromone / Dark Matter


Little under a year since his exclusive signing to Ram Records, an
imprint handling one of the drum & bass genre’s most monumental
catalogues, Skantia is slowly growing to be the imprint’s most
identifiable new face. With a roster that has spearheaded the label’s
expansion and its reputation as a leading figure within dance music,
this isn’t an easy feat. His succession of releases after being welcomed
onto the Ram moniker have enabled this ascent and following the likes
of recent single ‘UV Rays’ and ‘Allure’, Skantia returns with another
attention-grabbing release.
Skantia represents the younger breed of artists currently infiltrating
club spaces but he’s adding his own twist on current trends. Both
‘Pheromone’ and ‘Dark Matter’ exemplify Skantia’s unique blend; a-side
‘Pheromone’ bodes together a gritty display of hollowed kicks with
crackling LFOs. Meanwhile, ‘Dark Matter’ drives forward with a sense of
urgency, amongst progressive clanks of percussion and punchy subs.
Skantia comes back to Ram with the same intensity he injects into all
his releases, alongside an output which is proving to be unstoppable.


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