Friday, November 22, 2019

Above & Beyond - Another Angel (Official Video)

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Debuted at Group Therapy Weekender 2019, Above & Beyond’s new
bi-annual camping festival at The Gorge Amphitheatre outside of Seattle,
this angel sounds far from heaven sent.

Another example of Above & Beyond’s recent attraction to tougher,
tenebrous sounds this year (consider ‘Waltz’, ‘Distorted Truth’,
’There’s Only You’ and the resurgent tech-trance sounds of Genix on
Anjunabeats), ‘Another Angel’ is out now.

Warping minds and dancefloors from New York to Prague, accompanied by a
titanic visual that’s unnervingly similar to Dr Who’s most terrifying
antagonist, ‘Another Angel’ samples the band’s own 2011 single ‘On My
Way To Heaven’ from their acclaimed album ‘Group Therapy’.

The unmistakable and usually strident vocal work of Richard Bedford here
sounds almost plaintive and cowed, surrounded on all sides by
shuddering, cascading bass. Things culminate in a breathtaking drop that
somehow manages to be quintessential Above & Beyond and something
totally fresh at the same time.

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