Monday, November 25, 2019

Aagentah // Vask EP


METHLAB RECORDINGS’ relentlessly exploratory INTEGRAL AESTHETICS series finds its fifth incarnation in the form of AAGENTAH’s “VASK” EP, featuring five tracks from the rising Manchester halftime producer. Having quickly created a name for himself with releases on labels and collectives such as Saturate Records, VALE, and Blck, AAGENTAH now delves further into his own sonic character with his debut release on the METHLAB RECORDINGS label, marking the release with a devastating set of five sub-frequency explorations.

The VASK EP opens with the sparse arrangement of TARANIS, within which high frequency percussion scuttles atop a sturdy sub bassline replete that moves with minute precision amidst the track’s murky atmosphere. The titular VASK iterates on a similar theme, presenting an atmosphere energized by the pointed repetition of its woody snares and the amplified harmonic frequencies of its bassline at the behest of its warped vocal tones. At the EP’s midpoint, ALPHA & OMEGA at first reimagines the melodies of its predecessors before transforming them into novel forms atop a thrumming four beat kick pattern. A singular bassline presides over AU CITIZEN’s hamonic landscape, within which a variety of sonic frequencies are twisted and warped into a variety of new forms. Closing the EP is DEIMOS, which lumbers with the dreadful weight of its mythical namesake through a dismal atmosphere born of reimagined acoustic samples.

With the VASK EP, AAGENTAH brings his unique low-frequency sound to METHLAB RECORDINGS’ INTEGRAL AESTHETICS series, further expanding its ever-growing boundaries with five tracks that plunge into new sonic depths.

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