Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Dossa & Locuzzed Release Sophomore LP Resonate

Stream or Buy: https://fanlink.to/VPRLP029 

 Dossa & Locuzzed have finally unleashed their debut album ‘Resonate’
on Viper Recordings and it was well worth the wait. Their blend of
jazzy, instrumental heavy drum & bass which still features a tinge
of heaviness has taken the drum & bass world by its ears. On the LP,
they’ve drawn for tracks oozing with danceability whilst still peddling
the high levels of musicality, something which ensured they came under
the radar of 15-year strong imprint Viper Recordings. Its label head
Futurebound, known for curating one of the most imperative catalogues in
drum & bass, became aware of the Viennese duo after their releases
landed in the Viper demo box. Having made their presence known within
one of the drum & bass hotspots, Austria, they soon gained
international attention, primarily through their diverse DJ selections
and high-quality music production.

Already dropped onto their growing fan base, tracks like ‘Blinded’ ft.
Path Edison, ‘Starship’, ‘Tha Bird’ alongside the legendary DJ Marky,
‘Get Nasty’, ‘My Love’ with close friend Misses U and ‘Shag’ have
underpinned the arsenal of releases which have been unveiled by Dossa
& Locuzzed, whilst highlighting the LP’s undeniable musicianship. 

New additions include the sublime sounds of ‘Sandbox’, the rising synth
stabs of ‘Stella’, accompanied by the vocals of Pat Fulgoni and the
jaunty, bass-heavy muses of ‘Brainfunk’, all providing the Dossa &
Locuzzed signature, with an added versatility. Meanwhile, the darker
snaps of records like ‘Larry’ and ‘Dewey’ add a moodier undertow. The
sweeping percussive layers of ‘Sunset’ and the upbeat anthemic rises of
‘Off Course’ help to bring together a colour reel of Dossa &
Locuzzed’s repertoire and ‘Take My Hand’ is the perfect cut to epitomise
what the duo represents as a pair. They make club music which equally
translates for home sound systems. Their art has proven accessible for a
wide audience and Viper Recordings have capitalised on this, providing
another massive delivery for their back catalogue; the success of
‘Resonate’ will only underpin this fact. From their first single on
Viper, ‘Resonate’ and its achievements were always on the horizon. And
now, it’s time to immerse yourself in its world.

Dossa & Locuzzed - Resonate LP

Blinded (feat. Patch Edison)
Take My Hand
Stella (feat. Pat Fulgoni)
My Love (feat. Misses U)
Off Course
Get Nasty
Tha Bird (feat. DJ Marky)

Label: Viper Recordings
Cat: VPRLP029
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 22th November 2019
Stream or Buy: https://fanlink.to/VPRLP029

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