Thursday, November 21, 2019

Fashion Show Saint Glamour @ the WBF

The World Bodypainting Festival is a stage for exceptional performances
and shows of various arts.

The fashion show "Saint Glamour " by famous Lithuanian Designer
Liutauras Salasevicius were performed on the main stage after the
performance of "Conchita" in Bodypaint City.

Special thanks to all the wonderful models as well as the make-up artist
team around MATILDA Inozemzeva.


About the Show
In the abandoned mansion on the Ghosts hill Madam is living...
City’s black witch, who’s story is perishing dreadful and doesn’t leave
indifferent. Legends and myths, never hushing stories and never ending
gossip, reflects old mansion mirrors and shatters along with the lines
of her diary.
“Women are paying for men games,” her hand, with the scent of cigarette,
survival of wars, betrayals, anguishes and losses is writing.


About the Designer
Founder of a fashion house “Madam pareis vėliau”, who foresees all
madam‘s caprices from the first hints and turns them into reality.
Talented designer, stylist and visage master, gifted with unique sense
of style and fashion.
Many prominent Lithuanian women entrusted the creation of their style
and image to “Madam pareis vėliau”. As Liutauras himself says:
“Fashionable dress doesn’t guarantee a good result. Everything should
match: clothes, shoes, hairdo, makeup and accessories…”

A WB-Production Event
#worldbodypainting #wbfestival2019 #wbproduction

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