Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Herobust - Lost Lands & Audio on the Bay [Official Recap]

Jurassic Park ain't got shit on Lost Lands! Easily one of my favorite sets last year! 🦕💥🦖 and I've got mad ❤️ for the Bay.

So basically Herobust destroyed summer with 'Squiddim" Easily the largest track of the 2017 summer.... On just about  every single heavy roster out there. Countless lineup  artists belting out "Squiddim"  opening and shutting down shows! I remember heads saying dubstep was dead in 2012... Not only is dubstep not dead but it has birthed an entire new scene of bass heads who are loyal to the core. Not only do they "RAGE" but they may be the epitome of what "PLUR WARRIORS" are trying to preserve in our current underground culture.  A wild free for all mentality , welcoming and non-judgemental.  Who sais "NO' to having fun? 


Video by Dan Ladue

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