Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Azax - Golden Dawn

★ Azax - Golden Dawn | 22/01/2018 | MainStage Records ★

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One of the leading innovators of Psy-Trance, AZAX (aka Regev Azaria), is one of the most influential artists in the scene today. Creating his own sub-genre known as, “Power Trance,” Azax’s music is both a visceral and cerebral phenomenon. With a rabid worldwide fan base that follows him everywhere he goes, Azax has established himself as one of the top international festival acts in the Psy-Trance world…and beyond.
Azax’s musical background is hard rock, fronting a popular Israeli heavy metal band in the early nineties. Several years into his musical journey, Azax was exposed to electronic music through Israel’s world famous rave parties, and he was captivated by the sound and the scene. Azax immersed himself in this exciting new world curating and playing trance as a live DJ, and eventually he began composing his own music. With the goal of melding the power of hard rock with his trance influences, Azax’s life mission became developing a fresh and innovative sound.
The result is a high energy musical experience. Says Azax, “Now I was free to express myself through all varieties of sound and rhythm…new textures, new ideas, and still keep my essence which is POWER.” Azax’s unique style has quickly gained global recognition, and he’s become one of the most demanded Psy-Trance acts worldwide. “I’m always trying to drive my audience to a point of total bliss, where for a moment they can forget their daily things and be really free. This is why my show is energetic, and I myself fly with them…we all dance like mad!”
Over the years, Azax has released more than 100 tracks with some of the most respected labels in trance (HOMmega, Nutek) and has collaborated extensively with many renowned artists.
Additionally, Azax has worked to develop new talent in his native Israel. When not touring or in the studio, he currently serves as President of Beat Master College (Electronic Music Department) in Tel Aviv, and is a teacher and lecturer of mixing and mastering and sound design at “Sound Tel Aviv.” According to Azax, “I like the power in music…for me it’s the ultimate freedom. To share this with young, emerging stars has been a great pleasure and thrill. I love it!”

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