Friday, January 26, 2018

Mak & Pasteman 'Xperience'

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Fresh off the back of their standout remix of The Utopia Project from DJ Haus in The House, Mak & Pasteman land on DFTD for the first time with their blistering 'I Need U EP'. Despite it being new territory for the pair they have delivered a raw, uncompromising sound that stays true to their roots. Title track 'I Need U' is a slice of relentless 4/4, employing powerful vocal cuts and echoing synth hits reminiscent of Detroit legend Floorplan. 'Xperience' brings out the UK influence that has remained resonant throughout Mak & Pasteman's career, with heavy low-end bassline, analog synths and shuffling hi-hats to keep the track moving. It might be a debut release on DFTD for Mak & Pasteman but the story remains the same, 'I Need U EP' plays to all of the duo's production strengths and is a certified basement banger.

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