Saturday, January 20, 2018

DC Breaks vs Prolix 'Infinity' VIP

DC Breaks vs Prolix 'Infinity' VIP

Following the success of their debut LP on Ram Records, as well as an extensive tour which has seen them cross over to just about every major city throughout clubland, DC Breaks are about to unleash a double sided offering which sees two producers take the reins on both ‘Underground’ and ‘Infinity’. And DC Breaks drew inspiration from the drum & bass realms to enable this to happen, adding another face to their collaboration ‘Infinity’ with Prolix through a rework, as well as bringing Tantrum Desire on board for his take on ‘Underground’. Both tracks will refresh your love for DC Breaks, whilst also bringing them into another dimension, demonstrating just how diverse their ‘Different Breed’ LP was in terms of its collaborative records and the tracks featured which have caused so much damage since its release.
First up, tear away producer Tantrum Desire slams into gear with his version of ‘Underground’, where he drives in his signature to give it a more dancefloor edge. Each twist of sonic is given a booming bass shake, drawing out a musicality which switches up around each slamming set of drums. The hooks are more pronounced, giving way to a production standard which is emulated by both Tantrum Desire and his forerunner. Then DC Breaks drops you straight into their rethink of ‘Infinity’, which emulates the undeniably huge vibe prevalent throughout its first detonation alongside Prolix whilst adding another layer of antiquated DC Breaks engineering. Pulsing with the same climatic breakdowns, ‘Infinity’ draws you in for another colossal drop, punching just as hard between every carefully fashioned segment whilst changing the gears and presenting a flipside to its intimidating atmospherics.

Together, they breathe new life into ‘Different Breed’, bringing you into the New Year with a reimagining of records which helped define DC Breaks’ career.

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