Friday, January 26, 2018

Acid Lab feat. Clima & Elusive Elements - Evora EP

BNKR006 - Acid Lab - Evora EP (MethLab)
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MethLab Recordings present the sixth installment of the ongoing BNKR series, a sequence of releases designed to explore the depths of tectonic bass movements in multiple genres. Each EP so far has occupied a distinct niche in the sonic spectrum in both tone and feeling, from the depth and hard-hitting weight of Disprove's 'Oppression' EP, the experimentation and genre crossover of DR's 'Epoch' EP and the dystopian juxtaposition of fragility and heaviness in Hydro's 'Ethos' EP. With BNKR006, ACID LAB (feat. Elusive Elements & Clima) delivers a unique splice of drum and bass and dub techno, with the dnb tempo delivering the verdant reverb-washed bliss of a cold and beautiful horizon, the elevated dawn of a forgotten future.
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