Saturday, September 2, 2017

Frankee - In Your Eyes Feat. Charlotte Haining

Frankee - In Your Eyes Feat. Charlotte Haining - Out Now

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In its twenty five year reign, Ram Records has seen a huge selection of LPs grace its back catalogue of music. These releases have helped elevate artists into ground breaking careers, demonstrating how Ram is both a key player and tastemaker within the world of drum & bass. And up next on the imprint is the debut album from Frankee, an artist in the truest sense of the word, who has paved his way from sister-label Program to delivering some of the most exciting released within the Ram discography. He now presents a single which nods to his effortless versatility, one spearheaded by a production standard he’s worked on meticulously for years, now paying off through formulaic summer anthems such as ‘In Your Eyes’.

Whether it’s the jugular slicing sounds of ‘Gully’, or the picked-out melodies of tracks like ‘Deep Down’, Frankee continues to impress with his diverse set of records. He returns to the softer end of his musicality with ‘In Your Eyes’, featuring Charlotte Haining’s peaking voice overture. Frankee’s hard-hitting drums sit beneath the mix and help give it an added weight, although each flowing instrumental adds to Charlotte’s blended vocal talent. With each element, the record orchestrates into yet another demonstration of Frankee’s imperative song writing skill.

‘In Your Eyes’ is an exciting signpost of what Frankee’s forthcoming album will pedestal. Not only will it celebrate his ability to merge his skill set with likeminded vocalists, but it’ll also showcase a sound spectrum which is intimidating for even the most longstanding artist. His album is quickly approaching and with it comes another monumental part of Ram’s history.

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