Saturday, September 2, 2017

2DB - Leave [Technique Recordings]


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s rough-edged alter-ego 2DB make an appearance. In fact, the last time the Technique bosses’ slightly more evil doppelgangers showed up was in 2015, when they delivered the masterpieces of filth Terrahawk, Check Out the Bounce, and Quaalude. So, have those two years away dulled the raucous sensibilities of the 2DB style? 

Well, Leave opens with some dancehall-tinged chords and a pop-soul vocal that might lull the casual listener into a very mistaken sense of security. But then there’s that tom-roll into building kicks and pitch-bend madness that signals it’s time to brace yourself for a major onslaught. When it’s time to switch up the mood and raise the energy in the dance, this is going to be an essential tool. 

The powerhouse drop is where we see that 2DB griminess come into full effect. That metronomic battleaxe strike of the mid-range bass, supported by chest-rattling sub and those monstrously stomping drums is going to hit any rave like an earthquake. This is insistent, driving, dancefloor music that’s made by people who know exactly what deejays want on their USBs. In short, it’s an absolute beast of a tune. 

It’s clear that the 2DB moniker is the cloak that Drumsound & Bassline Smith to hide their dark side. Of course, they’ve got all the production skill, the technical ability, and musicality a producer could want. But, in tunes like this, they also get to show off undiluted raw savagery. And DnB dancefloors love it. 

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