Monday, September 25, 2017

Silent Witness - Argonaut // Drop It


Artist // Silent Witness
Release // Argonaut - Drop It
Label // MethLab Recordings

Release Dates //
MethLab Inner Core - 19.09.17
Streaming Services & Youtube - 02.10.17
Bandcamp - 10.10.17
Worldwide - 12.10.17

Drum and Bass pioneer SILENT WITNESS delivers a pointed and artfully crafted pair of tracks in the form of ARGONAUT and DROP IT, arriving on the continually evolving MethLab platform. Silent Witness is an artist who has been an almost invisible but essential force in the evolution of tech-oriented d&b that retains a funk edge and an utterly precise ethic. The artful employment of his deep knowledge of audio manipulation is clearly visible in both tracks, embodied in the full, rich sound and their driven, powerful edge. 

One of the core artists in the MethLab collective, Silent Witness follows up the relentless 'Ambush' from their Revenant VA and the incredibly popular 'High Flyer' that appeared on MethLab vol.1 (released on Bad Taste Recordings). He has graced an impressive array of labels in his long-running career, including Metalheadz, Critical Music, Dispatch and Commercial Suicide. His impact on the drum & bass scene has been long and deep, and with these 2 tracks signifying a new wave of material (and rumours of his debut LP) from one of the scene's most compelling creators, that mark is only set to deepen further.

Silent Witness - 'Argonaut // Drop It' - follows up Disphonia's 'Disintegrate // Code Red' and is the next in an impactful series of singles arriving on MethLab Recordings. It's also the first official release to arrive exclusively to members of the MethLab Inner Core, an extended subscription service for those closest to the label, 4 weeks in advance of the official release date.

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