Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Papillon Rising - Defenders Of The Gym (Directors Cut)

 Hilarious new video from Papillon Rising! Who can relate?   The self - centered narcissist at every turn these days. We get it you can't live without  sharing your mug 24/7... Too bad the rest of the world does not love you as much as you love yourself! Ha! I'm afraid  no subject is safe when it comes to our fun  loving comedic friends It seems self awareness can go a long way. Most people are oblivious to their public behavior.   I could share content like this forever. Always light hearted and funny. Papillon Rising with a funny take on #gymlife


    Changing the future for the better sometimes starts with the present! To expand our horizon, we recently left our Time Glider recording studio for an afternoon & stopped by a gym to make sure everyone was getting their sweat on nicely & respectfully..

You loved the video on Facebook, so here's the LONGER version with some more.. umph ;)!

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As always, we had an amazing team to capture our little adventure:

The Callphone B****: Teodora Djuric

The Gym Kong: Halid Rizvanovic

The Sweater: Joshua Wadenpohl

The Cross Trainer Guy aka The New Guy
aka The Guy That Got Cut Out/ aka The Big'n'Bullied: Nico Stelzig

Head Of Production: Thomas Söpper

Assistant Director (what direction???): Timo Krahl

DOP: Vi-Dan Tran

Camera Assistant: Khoa Huynh

Lighting: David Füsgen

Sound: Andreas Herman

HmU: Lani Nguyen

Editing & Color Grading: Vi-Dan Tran

VFX (what vfx???) & VFX Supervisor: Timo Krahl

Props: Hydra Forge/ Joshua Wadenpohl

Set (what SET???) photos: Merlin Morzeck

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