Monday, September 25, 2017

Killbox - Cousin of Zilch

Killbox - Cousin of Zilch - 20 September

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Killbox return with their next single following the guttural, bass heavy sounds of ‘Neverware’. ‘Cousin of Zilch’ follows a similar disposition, more understated in its approach whilst still snapping between electrifying waves of sonic and a subterranean bassline which pushes the layering to breaking point. When the record drops, you’re thrown down by its sub-heavy, seismic rumbles and it’s the type which creates total devastation inside clubs. The producers once more prove they’re able to switch up their style, moving towards a more imposing composition which focuses on its colossal weight.

The duo has yet to disappoint this year and their reign over the darker realms remains as strong as ever. Nine months since their big reveal, after being shrouded in mystery, they’ve already become a resounding part of the twenty-five-year strong Ram Records roster. Adding track after track of undiluted filth into the mix, history is in the making for this pair. And with a succession of live shows planned across the UK and beyond, including seminal sets at Ram’s 25 year major city tour, expect more audibly menacing appearances from Killbox this winter.

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