Saturday, September 2, 2017

Caspa - The Nothing (taken from the Vibrations Series) [Sub Soldiers]


Nothing always leads to something… Eventually. The blank canvas. The empty mind. The quiet room. Space waiting to be filled with thought, ideas, colours, shades, vibrations. Vibrations like the ones Caspa has been firing out on the regular since late 2016. One track head shots, each and every: focussed, firm and resolute in their underground nature and energy, they’ve been some of the darkest, heaviest, grittiest club tracks the dubstep pioneer has ever released. 

Cue: ‘The Nothing’, a spacious, precision-measured step into the dubspace abyss, it’s Caspa at his deepest, moodiest and realest. With its stark, painfully poignant vocal sample the message is clear: forget the trappings, the frills and unnecessary displays of perceived ownership and focus on what’s real and dear to you… Not dear in price. Driven by ten-ton kicks, a croaked-out grainy bassline slurs and the hum, slides and pops of pistons and glitches ‘The Nothing’ is roomy yet crammed with detail and attention. Every aspect of it is considered and sculpted with kick-ass systems and vibe-drenched dancefloors. 

Many men expect something for nothing. Men others get so caught up in the nothing they’ve forgotten why we’re here. For Caspa “The Nothing” is something to remind us why we have to fight the distractions and the bullshit for what we know is real and true in life. Something Caspa’s done his whole career… 

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