Thursday, January 4, 2024

The North Face Presents: How Did We Get Here?​

Three strange animals: The Blondes. Their brains often operate in synchronicity. Together they thrive, feeding off one another in a symbiotic relationship. This species of Blonde is a peculiar specimen. Look at them and wonder. To the onlooker it appears to be absolute chaos. Who are they? How did they get here? Are they natural Blondes?​ ​ Janelle Yip, Emily Childs and Tonje Kvivik go by “The Blondes” and know only one speed: Full throttle. How Did We Get Here? Is an endearing story of the journey that three friends have taken, both on and off the mountain, to lead a passion- and joy-fueled life. Watch now.​ ​ The Blondes: Janelle Yip, Emily Childs & Tonje Kvivik​ Directors: Clay Mitchell & Simon Shave​ Producers: Simon Shave, Clay Mitchell & Janelle Yip​ Executive Producers: Jonathan Torres & Simon Shave​ Director of Photography: Clay Mitchell​ Editors: Akailah Yocom & Clay Mitchell​ Cinematography: Clay Mitchell, Simon Shave, Anatole Tuzlak, Aaron Leyland, Ty Theoret, Caleb Ely​ & Akailah Yocom​ Sound Design: Jeff Yellen & Akailah Yocom​ Sound Mix: Jeff Yellen​ Color: Akailah Yocom​ Additional Footage: Danny Leblanc & Keenan Desplanques​

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