Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Real Talk….


 Perpetual evolution can seem exhausting yet incredibly necessary. One of the toughest things in life is realizing not everyone evolves. Some people simply blame everyone else never looking within. This happens in every type of relationship. There is no specific circumstance. The reality just is…. This is where the fork in the road appears.  It can be painful parting  from those we have invested in. Parting ways can seem like the only way to come back together…. Or so we hoped. The truth is nobody ever wants to leave people we care about behind. 

 We cannot force people to see value in themselves. We can see their value but if they don’t, we must understand they may never… Repeating the same action over & over expecting different results is insanity. 

Convincing others of their magic (although we may feel compelled to do so )can be ineffective. The more we push, the more they pull. 

I can feel a change in the air. People pleasing is no longer of personal importance. Authentication is pivotal. I wish I could make everyone super happy but truthfully that is ego based thinking. You wouldn’t think so but it’s more about being liked and  that is an unrealistic goal. People see you through their own mirror. The reflection they see has nothing to do with you. This was a tough but mandatory lesson for my own personal growth. 

I’m learning that when we see great things in others it is the same mirror. Are we really just seeing great things in ourselves? Projecting unrealistic expectations in those around us? Perhaps. 

When people use bating tactics to interact whether positive or negative is it healthy? Not likely. 

The solid reality is truth is literally the only way to evolve on an authentic level. Lying to ourselves or to others is completely counter productive. As unpopular of an opinion this is, it is necessary to for true growth. 

Falsehoods build into an avalanche of mistruths that perpetuate into unhealthy habits. The human condition one might say… Why is it so popular to bend the truth so consistently?  Confident altered realities can result in chaos. The butterfly effect… 

Choosing to remove yourself from that dialogue will alter reality forever in a positive way. I’m here for it. Mask off. Real talk…… 


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