Monday, January 15, 2024

Ocean Avenue (Yellowcard + Hammock)

Yellowcard is in a new place where we are collaborating with other artists more than ever before. I have found @hammockmusic in my top three most played artists every year for nearly a decade now. I still can’t quite believe it’s real, that we were able to create an entire album with a band that has had such a massive influence on us. Whether it is one of our well known songs or a deeper cut, these versions bring with them completely new interpretations and meanings for listeners who have lived with them for so many years. During the 6 years that Yellowcard was apart, I was constantly searching for ways to continue my career as a musician and producer. I had the idea to basically do Yellowcard covers featuring friends and artists I’ve had the pleasure of knowing throughout my career. The first artist to reply and complete a collaboration was Hammock with their reworked version of ‘Empty Street’. Hammock are one of the defining and most pioneering artists in the post rock and ambient space. We have taken so much inspiration from their work over the years so first becoming friends, and then unexpectedly getting to work together on new music were dreams come true. For each of these songs I just sent over a lead vocal and a piano and Hammock reinvented these songs in way that only they could do. It is such an honor to have worked on ‘A Hopeful Sign’ with such talented humans, and this record will be something we cherish forever.” -- William Ryan Key From Marc Byrd of @hammockmusic: "In reality… our music is pure emo, if by emo we mean “very emotional.” As so many of our listeners have said, “hammock have all the feels.” Hearing these songs stripped back and laid bare was a great experience. Whatever emo is… whoever Yellowcard and Hammock are supposed to be… at the end of the day, we’re just hoping the music can bring a lump in the throat, an ache in the chest or an elevation of spirit. If the music is really good, it can do it all at the same time. That’s the mystery. So whether we call it emo or just good music, the window dressing and descriptions mean nothing and serve only to distract if the music doesn’t stir the soul. Cheers to Yellowcard for asking us to come along and join the ride." The full album "A Hopeful Sign" will be released February 9, 2024 via Equal Vision. Yellowcard: Hammock: Video Credits: Dir. Stefano Bertelli Asst. dir. Riccardo Orlandi Animation Studio   / seen_film  

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