Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Sounds Like Moths : Amon Tobin

sounds like moths describes the music making precess though a loose narrative about transformation. all my music is about transformation whether it’s a sound manipulated or a context changed. shown here in a small story of something alien/amorphous being formed into something more or less human before it can be jettisoned into the world. as usual the end result doesn't matter that much and the real beauty is in the process. For more music + exclusives, join The Nomark Club: https://nomarkrecords.com Official releases: https://nomarkrecords.bandcamp.com/music Official website for Amon Tobin and aliases + all release info: https://www.nomark.net Merch https://www.nomark.net/store ♫ LISTEN ♫ Buy: https://nomarkrecords.bandcamp.com ♫ FOLLOW ♫ Instagram   / amontobin   Facebook   / amontobinofficial   Twitter   / amontobin   Shy1 Twitter   / shy1art   Shy1 Instagram   / shy1art  

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