Friday, October 14, 2022



I have created a dedicated “Woman Life Freedom” channel in my Discord to talk openly, share information and voice your thoughts about the uprising in Iran. Join my Discord here: If you would like to learn more about what is happening in the world right now we would like to refer you to the following article: Ai Visuals by @aiplague Written by Sevdaliza Produced by Sevdaliza & Mucky -- I wrote a song for oppressed women around the world. I stand proud as an Iranian woman and I am supporting the fight of my sisters who shed their blood, hair, hearts and brains to give us all the hope, that one day, we will be free. At a young age I became aware of the systematic means of forcing women into obedience through violence and intimidation. To persuade women that their minds, bodies, and freedom do not belong to them. Our humanity demands we stand up against the oppression of women. Now. And forever. We must continue to speak up and fight institutions that condone oppression, violence and murder. We must face the people that deny the dignity and respect for all of us women. We are so tired of being told how to be, what to be. Sevdaliza #mahsaamini #sevdaliza #human

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