Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Hi everybody !! It's finally here !! Thanks for watching ! (until end ;)) Music : Worakls - Caprice Thanks a lot to all the people who made it possible ! : Vincent Cotte Veush Fred Fugen Nicholas Scalabrino Aurelien Chatard DBA Tom Erik Heimen Niccolo Porcella Antony Newton Malachi Templeton Taihuka Smith Laetitia Prillard Matt Gerdes Ben Feuillie & Fam Jean Gouverneyre Felix Toussaint Robert Holik Jin Cheng Ansel Freefly Julien Renault Davis Julian Mathieu Marguet Lisa Alering Daniele Dorigatti Maxime Lecchi Tony Cake Ivan Jelušić Maybe you know, I had a bigger goal and project in mind for this trip. Unfortunately, life doesn't always go as planed and sometimes turns to shit... Our dear friend and exceptional human Matt Munting left us, which broke our hearts and mindsets heavily. One month later, a few days before leaving for Norway, my camera operator, the legendary Leo Taillefer had a paragliding accident and had to spend a long time in hospital rather than shooting the documentary with us. It's with a heavy heart that I decided to still go fly with my friends in Norway, but without any expectations, apart from trying to heal the mind. Then we discovered what is Norway's "summer"... a very complicated weather for base jumping and camera settings...Though, looking for positivity in every corner, I manage to film 70 jumps, proving that my high speed cinelifters properly work, and it's possible to fly long range above 200 km/h even under the rain or through clouds with cinema cameras as RED Komodo 6k or Freefly Wave System. Not even a propeller got broken during these 3 weeks. Please haters, note that I only am a drone pilot and drone builder.... editing and color grading this footage is a proper job, and I obviously didn't have the budget to pay for someone to do it... ;) so I had to just do my best, which is probably so far of what could be done. I'm interested in proving that it's possible to do this, I'm not saying that I'm the best at the editing process. A special huge thanks to Tom Erik Heimen who did guide us in his mountains during the whole trip and never forgot about me and my technical limits... Also a huge thanks to Malachi Templeton who allowed us to stay dry and actualy saved the trip by putting a roof above our heads. Thanks so much to all the base jumpers who really worked with me, and gave me each time the best chances to get the shot. The lesson I'll learn from this trip, is that 1st goal on each flight is safety, getting the shot is just a bonus. There was one close call in the 70 attempts, and even if I knew that my trajectory wasn't dangerous, I also knew that I scared the wingmen, and this is not acceptable. So, staying focus on safety will always be the number one goal. This was such a great and rich experience, I'm glad so many of the technologic goals were reached, it's impressive to see how many things can be improved mainly on the camera side (some sunny weather with some light would help though) Thanks to all of you who watched it and read until the end, thanks for your support, see you later with the next project. leave a comment :) ! Peace and Love. Colas. Huge Thanks to: -Powerloop racing: -XNOVA MOTORS: -Immersion RC: -HGLRC: -Squirrel wingsuits : -XbladesMediaHouse : -APC Propellers: -Orqa:  -Caddx:

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