Monday, October 3, 2022

Agressor Bunx & Forbidden Society - Close To The Edge

Agressor Bunx & Forbidden Society - Close To The Edge 

This September, Forbidden Society continues his string of releases through a brand-new collaborative single which sees him once again return to his self-titled imprint. Following his climatic ‘[No Return]’ LP, as well as his most recent ‘Dystopia’ EP, which introduced his audience to five brand new records from the producer, his next single alongside Agressor Bunx takes fans back to the no holds barred, aggressive sounds he’s renowned for alongside the neurofunk stalwarts. They bring together two colossal production weights, and it marks an expansion in the guests which Forbidden Society welcomes into the drum & bass and 140 realms he reigns supreme over, under his own marked banner 

    Having made his imprint on several labels, such as Noisia’s VISION and RAM Records as part of Audio’s most recent release, ‘Closer to the Edge’ is an instantly recognisable track from this year’s Let it Roll Festival. Brooding, guttural and urgent with its patches of percussion, Agressor Bunx and Forbidden Society join forces for a slick rumbler which has already cut through speaker stacks across this festival season.

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