Thursday, October 20, 2022

Making Of: ODESZA - Visuals Come To Life


The ODESZA Visuals Team is a huge part of bringing the ODESZA soundscape to life during the live shows. Kody Kurth and the team over at Profectum Media wanted to take that one step further, creating an even more immersive experience by literally bringing the visual world off of the screen. Take a look at how they made it happen! Director: Kody Kurth Executive Producer: Kusanagi Producer: Kate Kurth DP: Kody Kurth B Cam: Kate Kurth Additional Footage: Jasper Newton G&E: Alexander Stephens Key PA: Jagur Rozell PA & Safety Officer: Ryan Han Starring ODESZA Harrison Mills & Clayton Knight Featuring the ODESZA Drumline ODL Logistics Coordinator: Kali Ridal ODL Creative Director: Benjamin Belleau Featuring Live Vocalists: Charlie Houston & Naomi Wild Editor: Kody Kurth VFX & Compositing: Kody Kurth CG Supervisor: Alexander Heller 3D Animation: Luke Tanaka CG Environment Design: Woosung Kang 360 HDRI Mapping: Ryan Han Remix & Sound Design: Kody Kurth Production Company: Profectum Media ODESZA Live Show Visuals: “Behind the Sun” by Woosung Kang “Hopeful” by Landis Tanaka & Jasper Newton “All We Need” by Luke Tanaka “All My Life” by Landis Tanaka & Alexy Préfontaine “Keep Moving” by Brandon Parvini “Wide Awake” by Quentin Deronzier & Julien Missaire “The Last Goodbye” by Peter Clark & Logan Martin “H&C Riser Intro” by Sky Iraheta BTS Footage by Neil Chan Special Thanks: Alanna Fagan Bryan Aiello (Bronko) Willow Roth Hudson Bloom LSI Denver Troy Banagas Subscribe: Follow Foreign Family Collective - Spotify: Apple Music: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Bandcamp: Soundcloud: #ForeignFamilyCollective #FFC #Music

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