Wednesday, October 19, 2022

ODESZA - Visuals Come to Life

⬡ Listen/Save the new album ▶ ⬡ Subscribe for more ODESZA releases ▶ ⬡ Shop ODESZA store ▶ Director: Kody Kurth Executive Producer: Kusanagi Producer: Kate Kurth DP: Kody Kurth B Cam: Kate Kurth Additional Footage: Jasper Newton G&E: Alexander Stephens Key PA: Jagur Rozell PA & Safety Officer: Ryan Han Starring ODESZA Harrison Mills & Clayton Knight Featuring the ODESZA Drumline ODL Logistics Coordinator: Kali Ridal ODL Creative Director: Benjamin Belleau Featuring Live Vocalists: Charlie Houston & Naomi Wild Editor: Kody Kurth VFX & Compositing: Kody Kurth CG Supervisor: Alexander Heller 3D Animation: Luke Tanaka CG Environment Design: Woosung Kang 360 HDRI Mapping: Ryan Han Remix & Sound Design: Kody Kurth Production Company: Profectum Media ODESZA Live Show Visuals: “Behind the Sun” by Woosung Kang “Hopeful” by Landis Tanaka & Jasper Newton “All We Need” by Luke Tanaka “All My Life” by Landis Tanaka & Alexy Préfontaine “Keep Moving” by Brandon Parvini “Wide Awake” by Quentin Deronzier & Julien Missaire “The Last Goodbye” by Peter Clark & Logan Martin “H&C Riser Intro” by Sky Iraheta Special Thanks: Alanna Fagan Bryan 'Bronko' Aiello Willow Roth Hudson Bloom LSI Denver Neil Chan Troy Banagas Subscribe: Follow ODESZA - Spotify: Apple Music: YouTube: Bandcamp: SoundCloud: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: TikTok: #ODESZA #electronicmusic #liveshow #concert #thelastgoodbye #drumline #lightdesign #stageshow #ForeignFamilyCollective #NinjaTune #tour

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