Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Vote The Brooklyn Mirage DJ MAG Best Club In The World! Vote NoW!

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DJ Mags' annual " Top 100 clubs in the world " competition is underway through February 12th 2020! The Brooklyn Mirage is the best venue in the world! Summer events offer several areas of entertainment and several different levels throughout the club-plex. The center courtyard is open to the main stage. The night sky is exposed. Aside from being a wide open space in fresh air the venue also provides cooling mist in numerous areas for premium comfort. New renovations opened up several food  & beverage areas. The food court offers premium food entrees. A towering glowing pyramid stands tall above the courtyard allowing guest the opportunity to climb to the peak of the venue for a birds eye view of the greatest city on earth, New York!

A breathtaking skyline lines the endless view from the top of the world. Breezy palm trees feather below in the mist of soft neon glows of the courtyard oasis. Outstanding spacious layout. A labyrinth of  pleasure. Multiple food & beverage areas equip with touch technology tablets for speedy purchase. beyond the logistics there are the people. A super staff of smiling,friendly faces willing to answer your every question. I would like to thank the staff at The Brooklyn Mirage for their hospitality.

The Brooklyn Mirage hosts the best events in electronic music culture period. It does not take a rocket scientist to tell you these tickets move fast. This is the premier evening in New York City and abroad.  Deadmau5 is sold out the show will no doubt be massive as well as each and every event to follow.


The Brooklyn Mirage
140 Stewart Ave, New York, New York 11237


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