Thursday, February 20, 2020

Carlota - Noise Psychosis (Official Music Video)

Every January to March the Bulgarian countryside becomes an arena of folkloric ritual mumming, locally know as kukeri or survakari. During the performance, masked dancers, dressed in animal skins and dangling bells, go from house to house to deliver invocations of abundance, scaring away evil and inviting in the good.

трип recordings refers to ‘Happy New Year. We Wish You Happiness, as a "fantastical celebration of the new”. The denotation of the release marries beautifully with the old pagan tradition that could conceptually connect to the celebration of electronic dance music.

What drives both ‘celebrations’ is dance and chants intertwined with noise. As a form of expression or release of a certain retained energy, paving space for a new one. Whether it be emotional release, have deeper social meanings or simply be physical. These are all open for interpretation and indirectly present.

The Video for ‘Noise Psychosis’ takes the shape of a tale of community set in Brezhani, rural Bulgaria and is driven by the curiosity of a young girl's interest in a traditionally male practice. It plays with themes of belonging and determination, however is weighed out by the hypnotic dance and movement of the kukeri. The film entirely takes a documentarian approach, staying authentic to its setting and protagonists.


Artist: Carlota
Director: Iva Fischer
Assistant Director: Anina Youroukova
Director of Photography: Alessandro Ubaldi
1st AC: Nico di Guida
2nd AC: Gergana Bozhanova
Producer: Vera Mayskaya
Co-Production: B2Y, NuBoyana (Bulgaria)
Local Fixer: Petar Milanov
Editor: Benedikt Strick
Colorgrading: Daniel Pallucca
Cast: Polina Blagova & her family: Georgiy, Georgiy Junior, Aneliq, Tatyana, and all the Kukeri dancers

Check the full release here and read more from трип recordings

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