Friday, February 14, 2020

Task Horizon - 'We Are One'

With nearly three decades in the game, Ram have always endeavoured to bring their audience some of the most cutting-edge dance music from across the spectrum. One way they’ve done this is through their various artists EP series, each highlighting a different part of their history whilst also acting as an introduction to the label's fresh blood. Most recently, this has been done via a new sequence, the ‘Ram Rave’ EPs, which are now about to enter their second phase alongside a host of familiar names and some which are only just being introduced into the Ram fold. 

 Including tracks from Opposition, merging the two colossal forces of DC Breaks and Loadstar, as well as Skantia, Smooth, Task Horizon, Fascad, Kastro, Tolima Jets, DJ Empress and Presitge, Ram ensures 2020 begins with a compilation tailored to the dancefloor.

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