Thursday, November 15, 2018


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Winter approaches. The mountains finally get the long awaited fresh white canvas to let your imagination run wild and turbo boost your creative spirit. You feel like taking on new challenges and explore. Weather it be within yourself or outside, learning brand new tricks, stacking them clips, or just riding somewhere new. Everyone feels the Reset coming.

Call it a Shmotivator, or how about Funspiration?
ShredBots Presents Yet another fun focused power jam of a full length brain hurricane. Get hyped, Your shred fix is here,
This is R3boot.

Torstein Horgmo
Werni Stock
Brage Richenberg
Anto Chamberland
Craig Mcmorris
Mark Sollors
Nik Baden
Brandon Davis
Kyle Mack

Directed by:
Tom Hannam
Torstein Horgmo

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