Tuesday, November 27, 2018

N-TER - INTB | Util Records 002 (Vinyl)

N-TER - INTB | Util Records 002 (Vinyl)

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Útil Records Barcelona was born in January 2018 with the 12" vinyl edition of Vema Diodes’s
Dark ambition . This label intends to continue with the task of spreading electro music, a task
that Spy dj and Vema Diodes have been carrying out for over 15 years. Their second release
has just come out and it consists of 6 tracks by Dark Vektor, Alex Martin , N-ter, Vema
Diodes, The Bandit and Honexters. This album is loaded with industrial and technoid
features, blunt bass, sharp melodies, torn distortions and reminiscences of Detroit, seasoned
with the sound of the TR 808. This album represents one more step in the consolidation
process of the label.
1- Vema & The Bandit - Sulfur fumes
2- Álex Martín - F4nk
3- Honexters & Vema - Hypoxia
4- Honexters - Centripetal force
5- Dark Vektor - Es que no lo veis
6- N-Ter - INTB

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