Friday, July 31, 2015

Teddy Killerz - Space Junk

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Killerz are in no way shy; presenting a full-frontal, immersive
production standard the outfit are not afraid to turn their backs on the
scene’s more commercial sounds. You’ll find them tearing down any dimly
lit club across the globe – from the US to Russia and then back to the
genre’s roots in the UK, Teddy Killerz have pedestalled a sound unlike
anyone else. But what can you expect from three artists who were
instantly taken into the OWSLA fort, after illuminating themselves
against hordes of remix competitors for Skrillex’s renowned imprint.

inevitably led to their monumental signing to one of dance music’s most
resounding and withstanding labels, Ram Records. And after their most
recent single ‘Teddynator’ exploded onto the Beatport Top 100 and
accomplishing the sought after number one spot, they’ve followed this up
in quick succession. The ‘Hyperspeed EP’ epitomises everything which
Teddy Killerz are about. Aggressive yet concise, smashing you head first
through every carefully constructed break, this trio prove their
versatility whilst reaffirming their position as one of the genre’s most
intimidating weights.

Instantly recognisable from any set over
the past few months, title-track ‘Hyperspeed’ froths with foreboding
before dropping into all-out anarchy. With a rabid forking of synth and
the snap, smack and pound of drums, this is drum & bass at its most
raw and undiluted. Sitting on top of clashing percussion and reversing
momentarily at unpredictable intervals, there’s no escaping this
record’s all-enveloping force.

‘Quasar’ on the other hand begins
on a false-premise. Brought forward on eerie atmospherics, it’s swiftly
cut open and dissected by a quick strum of electric guitar before
you’re propelled at a dizzying speed. Sub bass is used as an alarm,
ringing throughout the record and warning the listener of Teddy Killerz
unapologetic countenance.

Of a different hue is ‘Space Junk’,
with a jazzy intro that rolls on top of an LFO-lead bassline and jungle
reminiscent breaks. Demonstrating the trio’s undeniable craftsmanship,
it definitely adds another dimension to the EP’s track listing. Then
lastly, ‘Hawking Radiation’ presents you with a steppy riddim that hulks
with every few bars. The tempo is then amped up to 170; the perfect way
to close an EP that’ll leave you contemplating its enormity.

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