Monday, July 20, 2015

Passenger - When We Were Young

Touching track. True to form. You never have time tomorrow. A very smart woman once told me " Don't do it tomorrow, DO IT NOW" ... Words to live by. Enjoy.

PASSENGERS' - last weekend in london was completely insane!! on the
saturday night i played my own show at the incredibly beautiful Somerset
House​ and then the following day i opened up for Ed Sheeran​ at
Wembley Stadium​ . the shows were of course very different and both
totally amazing in their own way .
massive thank you again to everyone who came along !!

i really wanted to document it in some way and share it with those of you that weren’t there with us .
i’ve also been writing a bunch of new songs lately so i thought that combining the two things would be cool ……
result is below :-) the song is called “when we were young” and all of
the footage was shot by the immensely talented Jarrad Seng​

always we hugely appreciate every like , share and comment . please pass
it on to those people that you think might enjoy it .
loads of love and thanks for watching .
mike xx

Directed and Produced by Jarrad Seng
Additional footage by Rhys Davies
Recorded at Dean St Studios and mixed by Chris Vallejo

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