Friday, July 10, 2015

Panda Funk

Deorro  seems like a stand up guy! Enjoy this out take of what Panda Funk really means. Pay it Forward! I love it too! I came to this thought only the night before last. No matter how hard the brick wall is that we all hit at some time or another. Keep pushing if you love it!

What is Panda Funk.
A trailer based on the movement about saving
the amount of true art, passion, respect, honesty and love all music used to have, in today's industry.
A group of people dedicated to save the beauty behind music before it goes extinct, just like how we all saved the panda.

Special thanks to
Crazyness Ent.
Seminal Music
Gravity XL
Panda Funk TV
Panda Funk Media
Panda Funk Records
and all those spreading the movement.

Deorro - With You
Atticus Ross - Panoramic
Deorro Feat. Erin McCarley - I Can Be Somebody

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