Wednesday, July 10, 2024

RAYE Takes Route Towards World Domination - 'Worth It.' & 'Genesis.' Medley (Live on SNL)

I sit in satisfaction watching RAYE dominate the globe. Sweeping the international scene…We have seen this many times before as an underground artists blasts off into super stardom. SNL is a mere precursor to what is to come. The Britt awards are behind her and now other global artists start to take heed. Will RAYE take the Grammys next? Movie soundtracks & scores…. RAYE is already known as a reputable writer and music professional. RAYE came to work. She is not about the nonsense and her focus is hyper aware at this time. Appearances are non stop. She is absolutely submerged in success at this moment and I’m here for it. Bravo to a well deserving woman who has been working tirelessly for well over a decade. Nothing about RAYES’success has been easy. She absolutely worked for every  accomplishment. 


New musical composition "Genesis." is available now. Listen / Buy: Follow RAYE TikTok:   / raye   Instagram:   / raye   Facebook:   / raye   Twitter:   / raye   Written by: RAYE, Mikey Robbins & Otis Dominique Directed by: Otis Dominique & RAYE Creative Director: Mikey Robbins Producer: Andre Wooz Producer: Liz Adeleye Creative Agency: Cuyjet Studio Production Company: Blackrush x KODE Executive Producers: RAYE, Nathan Killham, Mikey Robbins, Otis Dominique, Andre Wooz, Liz Adeleye RAYE’s Digital Lead: Alexandra Dairo

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