Sunday, April 7, 2024

Ren - Mackay

Seriously Ren? Whether he is spitting some knowledge or tapping the keys…. Perfection is the reality. How talented can God create us? Talent knows no bounds. Untouchable. 


“Filmed by Samuel Perry-Falvey This is a tribute for one of my best friends Callum Mackay. For a long time I wanted to write him a song, but every time I sat down I couldn't think of the right words which left me feeling frustrated. Callum died very shortly after Joe, another very dear friend. Trying to process both created a bit of a block, and to be honest ever since I haven't really been able to fully grieve whenever I loose someone close to me. One day while sat at the piano I was playing around with melodies and this came out. Sometimes I don't have words to explain or express the thing that wants to be expressed. In those moments I'm so grateful for music This is for you Callum Mackay Rip homie”


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