Saturday, April 13, 2024

Kill The Noise & Trivecta & Doktor "Feel the Vibe" FULL QUALITY HD

“Out Friday! When Sam and I finally began to write, It was a journey that uncovered both of our eclectic tastes, and not just in electronic music. something which also led to us reaching out to Doktor to continue on the path. What we ended up with is something unique and it’s a banger. It’s my favorite moment in my set, and always got a great reaction while we were testing it out. See you on Friday! Also we are planning an IG live to talk shop with yall please keep an eye out! -jake @trivectamusic @OpheliaRecords We’ve played this baby all over the place and actually have incorporated clips of the crowds from some of the shows throughout the song; if you were at Red Rocks or Lost Lands your DNA is in this. If you’ve heard this song live and have been waiting for it to drop leave a comment and let us know where you saw it!” We’re gonna go on IG live today around 8 EST / 5 PST to hang and chat about the song, see ya there! And go stream “Feel the Vibe;” hope you have as much fun with it as we have ✊

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