Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The Power of Antagonist - The Album That Made Me Lose All My Friends

Powerful truth.
The irony that is attached to this title  “The Album That Made Me Lose All My Friends “ … When an artist experiences exclusive success, immediate success….  One can certainly feel like you have lost all of your friends. Some people are only interested in surrounding those that are not doing well. It takes a strong person to support a successful friend, that’s why successful people usually surround themselves with other successful people. It is really hard to surround yourself with people that are vibrating at a lower vibration than you. They say it’s lonely at the top for a reason…..Sol tribe is not something you just stumble into. it’s not some large group of people that are  waiting  for you, your soul tribe builds over time in your presence slowly almost representing  a slow tribe lol. A crescendo of sorts…. 

 Hopefully Apashe has not really lost all his friends. I don’t think that that’s even possible. Such an amazing talent is so hard to find. Today is a very special day….As is any other day that Apashe releases music. The first time  I saw  Apashe’s music video describing what he was about, his creativity and individuality stood out to me amongst all the rest I knew “ this kid was gonna be something big huge “ that was a long time ago. Apashe  has evolved as he grew since the Renaissance “ album, he breathes new life into orchestra music. Orchestra is a timeless genre that was lost in the ruffle of time. Apashe has  resuscitated this genre and made it trendy amongst the youth. Standing  tall as a hero to music that was alive during the turn of the century. This is an absolute superpower,  incomparable talent. Audiences are on the edge of their seats wondering what Apashe will do next. It is always a pleasure to feature work from Apashe on Bella Bass Fly.


“Over the last 3 years we shot all our adventures, the ups and downs of this impossible album ‘Antagonist’. Some already had the pleasure of watching it in cinemas in LA, Brussels, Montreal and Prague but it’s finally going to be available for everyone April 17th at 11AM ET!”

- Apashe

BELGIUM FILM CREW Production company - MIMESIS Production coordinator - Pablo Pacini 1st Assistant Director - Noah BasomboliI 2nd Assistant Director - Gregory Evrard AD Trainee - Kieran Neufcoeur Director of Photography - Chris Alessi Gaffer - Alex Dossogne Steadicam - Denis Warnier 1st Assistant Camera - Thibaut Egler B Camera - Louis Muller Location Manager - Martin Gjergja Catering - Martin Migeot Catering - Philip De Buck Dragons D'Argent / Orryflammes Stunt Director / Pyrotechnics Coordinator - Vigo Christophe Hermanns Casting Director / Stunt Performer - Laurent Demettre Princess - Marcelline Laurent Stunt Performer / Priest - Jonaline Lagneau Stunt Performers - Benoît Poncelet, Jonathan Robert, Christophe Catoche, Lucas Etienne, Lucas Dehaibe, Adrien Maseri, Alexandre Bister, Aurélien Savonet, André Van Steenberghe, Gauthier Sanzot, Stéphane Lambin, Yassine Abdelmoumni Pyrotechnics Assistant - Guillaume Moreau Volontaires Costume Assistant - Jade Marcelis Stunt Performers - Michel de Godissart, Pierre Gevaert Archers du Bailli Stunt Performers - Raphaël Mattaï, Gwen Danet, Val Maya Compaigns de Lastours Stunt Performers - David Noirpain, Quentin Vancleve, Evan Vancleve, Mateo Deroover, Damien Devits Costume Assistants - Daphné Vancleve, Louna Lunic LATVIA FILM CREW Producer - Michael Nadalyak Production Assistant - Alexey Onos Production Company - PANORAMA Tow Truck Operator - Gleb Tuzhilov Tow Truck Operator - Igor Konyuhov SFX MUA - Kseniia Halchenko LONDON, UK FILM CREW Sound Recordist - Anthony Leung ISTANBUL, TURKEY FILM CREW Producers - Cansu Menlikli, İlhan Doruk Önel Production Managers - Ata Utku, Ali Özbatur Cast: Lina Frolkina, Polina Kozlova, Airat Fattakhov, Neslihan Genç, Mert Öksüz CZECH REPUBLIC FILM CREW Production Company - Seeya Creative Producer - Šimon Šebek Production - Viktorie Maršová, Serafima Sokolova B Cam - Petr Vaněk Steadicam Operator - Filip Rybář 1st Assistant Camera - David Fíla 2nd Assistant Camera - Lukáš Věchet Sound Design - Anička Hokešová, Dominik Doležal Styling - Tomáš Mášik, Monika Škodová MUA - Jana Švadlenková Interview Camera Crew - Petr Vaněk, Lukáš Věchet, Tomáš Pros Location Scout - Ondřej Křížek Cast Interviewer - OM Interview Director - David Stančík Translator - Šimon Šebek Photographer - Petr Vaněk Extras - Vojtěch Starý, Darija Pavlovičová, Jan Pospíšil, Samba Samoura, Adam Pechač, Hynek Uher, Jáchym Kachlík, Kristýna Šabová, Adéla Kloudová, Vladyslav Herasymov Special Thanks to - Hotel Andaz, Panenský týnec, Zámek Chýše CZECH REPUBLIC POST PRODUCTION Sound Post Production - Studio BEEP Sound Post Production Supervisor - Lukáš Moudrý Sound Design and Re-Recording Mixer - Anna Hokešová Production manager - Petra Krausová MONTREAL POST PRODUCTION Colorist - Charles-Etienne Pascal @iseehue Graded - Arketype Inc Graphic design: Hayley Lim BULGARIA FILM CREW Producer - Borislav Chouchkov Producer - Devora Yovcheva Camera Operator - Krum Yankov Sound Engineer - Teodor Slavov 1 AC - Alexander Vasilev Driver - Richard Odabashyan

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