Thursday, March 30, 2023



I have been flying since 2011 as well here at BellaBassFly! I’m about 16,000 plus hours in… I guess that would make me a master blogger? The only problem I have with that is we are never truly masters unless we are always the student. It is more than humbling to have had all these amazing opportunities over the past 11 years and I would not change a thing. So much gratitude for the individuals that continue to treat me like a human being. These people are my tribe and for the most part I only know them because of my publication. Sometimes following your passion helps to separate real from fake. Grateful for all that is real and tangible. 

As both a commercially rated pilot and professional skier, Wiley Miller finds similarities and parallel passions in flying and skiing. From negotiating weather to knowing when to pull the plug, flying and skiing are not so different. Filmed and Edited by: Edward Clem Skiers: Wiley Miller, Todd Ligare, Mark Abma, Tanner Hall

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