Tuesday, November 23, 2021

FLYT | TORSTEIN HORGMO | Official Trailer

 People who have been through a tremendous amount in life will often say "This saved my life"  That  statement is the absolute truth. When I hear someone speak those words I know they overcame something massive. Entitled people will never understand those words. Empathy derives from trying to understand peoples struggles. More now than ever narcists try to convey & convince people of empathy when in reality they have zero concept of the word. Inspiration and hope are born in the dark. Unfortunately only those willing to do shadow work and those committed to true understanding understand empathy. Jumping in an ambulance with a stranger who has been hurt so they are not alone is empathy.  Being in discomfort to truly understand a situation is empathy. It is not some catch fraise.  "This saved my life!" is a declaration of survival..... I'm here for it. I love providing a platform for it and I won't be stopping anytime soon. Thank you for your continued support here @ www.bellabassfly.com Sharing peoples art is my passion. Celebrating their victories and their voice is all inspiring. Spreading love. 


ShredBots is proud to present FLYT. A 5 part series coming to the ShredBots channel December 1st.   Torstein is unquestionably one of the most influential riders of his generation. He is not just a snowboarder, he is a creator. A true visionary. From directing his films to producing music, he has been quietly pushing these boundaries for years, never wanting to re-create the same thing twice. This series documents Torstein’s creative process, from a previously unseen perspective, during a travel restricted season that rerouted his travels and uncovered a new path for him and his crew. Come along for the journey as Torstein gets personal and guides us though his view on how he finds balance and flow his way.   FLYT - /flīt/ - Norwegian for flow or float. Supported by Rockstar Energy Film: Craig Gouweloos Sam Tuor Greg Kennagh Torstein Horgmo Edit: Craig Gouweloos Additional riders: Red Girard Yuki Kadono Chad Otterstrom Doran Laybourn Craig Gouweloos Subscribe to Shred Bots: http://goo.gl/csrcIy Follow Shred Bots On: http://instagram.com/shred_bots https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shredb... https://twitter.com/shredbots

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