Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Caspa Discusses His New Music ''FULL FLOW'' EP With BellaBassFly!


BellaBassFly Caspa interview 


 What can fans expect from your new EP?

“This EP represents me completely right now, If you don’t like this EP then you’re probably not a Caspa fan, this is me in my Full Flow!”

 Where were you when the pandemic lockdown occurred? First thoughts? 
“I was at home with my family. I wanted to make sure my family and friends had everything they required for the journey ahead.”

 How has the lockdown influenced your creative process? 
“My creative process has been the same as it's always been, I write when I’m inspired and I don’t when I'm not. “

 Now that restrictions have lifted, what can fans expect where touring is concerned? 
“I'm trying to get in the studio as much as I can, that's my happy place, that's where I get to create. I've played some shows this year and I've been asked to play a lot, but I’m just trying to pick the shows that are right for me, the music is my focus.”

 If you could tour with anyone who would that be? 
Overall, people that are like minded, have the same intentions, love the music and the grind, for me, that’s a great foundation, 

 Aside from your freshest EP, what has been your most satisfying work in your personal creations? 
“Full Flow is definitely right near the top of that list, if not at the top! I think my album Vibrations; because it was a pivotal moment for me in the next chapter of my career and musical expression. I worked really hard on that album and I’m really proud of it.”
           How has bass music evolved since 2012?
“It’s been through many trends and continues to with the power of the internet, but I tend to focus on the Dubstep and for me, it’s as strong as it’s ever been, especially in the US. Also things are really shifting here in the UK and Europe, which is great to see again.”

What trends would you like to see moving into 2022? 
“Trends?! No trends, just good music and good vibes, I have lots of faith in that! “


Caspa - Full Flow 🔊 ↳ Pre-Save the 'Full Flow' EP → 🎵
FULL FLOW: (term / idiom) Used to describe the time when something is most active or successful. e.g: “When we arrived, the party was already in full flow.”Following the recent hype-raiser ‘Up & Up’ Ghost Town bossman Caspa returns with a full flush. Fresh from our return to the rave, he’s gone in deep, splashing out on a whole four-course meal of flavours and the vibes have never been higher.Like the Niagara on Viagra, ‘Full Flow’ instantly smacks of vitality. Sparse, light-footed but heavy on impact; the bassline bounces around like bodies on the dancefloor. Excited. Refreshed. Recharged. Onward we bump and bound to find ourselves riding the ‘Locomotive’. Once again, a crisp take on a signature sound, it’s pure steam punk gutter funk – no tickets necessary.Deeper into the flow we go, ‘Original Bad Bwoy’ brings the fire. Spiky, relentless machine funk with sudden blasts of creepy synths; this one’s bad to the bone. And ‘The Low Low’, an eerie, nicely balances it but smouldering finale, it shares yet another fresh perspective of Caspa’s ever evolving sound and range.From ‘Full Flow’ to ‘That Low Low’ with everything you need in between, this is one of Caspa’s broadest sonic spreads to date... And there’s plenty more in the pipes. So Let’s keep the vibes running
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