Friday, July 23, 2021

Up - Cardi B | Bailey Sok & Sienna Lalau Choreography | STEEZY.CO


Wanna learn Bailey Sok & Sienna Lalau's choreography to 'Up' by Cardi B? Take the class here → NO ONE was ready for this incredible hard-hitter by the 🐐's themselves, Bailey and Sienna. 🔥 INSTRUCTORS: Bailey Sok @baileysok Sienna Lalau @sienna.lalau --- Get started on your dance journey today with STEEZY Studio. Learn dance fundamentals, workouts, and choreography anywhere, anytime from the best teachers in the world. Blog: Online Dance Classes (free one-week trial): YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: --- #STEEZYStudio #BaileySok #Up #SiennaLalau #CardiB #Dance #DanceTutorial #DanceClass

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