Thursday, July 30, 2020

Paul van Dyk & Sue McLaren - Guiding Light (Official Music Video)

This cause is very near and dear to my heart. Thank you Paul & Sue for helping shed light on a topic that is not discussed very often. According to WHO / Global Data  in 2019 vision loss effected 285 million people, of whom 39 million are in fact blind. Aging people 50 years and older make up 82% of blind. One of those people is near and dear. Losing your eye sight is a traumatic event for people to go through. Self care, transportation , medical & vision loss assistance can be very difficult with limited or zero vision.  

Braille Institute is offering remote services with ‘live’ online workshops, classes and virtual sessions
while centers remain physically closed.

Please reach out to those around you. Make sure everyone is ok in your neighborhood. You never know what trials and tribulations an individual is battling. I have attached some resource links below. If you would like to help or know someone who would benefit from resources for the blind.  


Paul van Dyk & Sue McLaren - Guiding Light
Download and stream the single

A video in partnership with Southeastern Guide Dogs.
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Image may contain: dog, text that says 'SPONSOR A PU*PY Pick Elsa! Or Eddie! Elsa Sponsor a puppy for $19/month Eddie' This is the story of Pip, the cutest and most extraordinary service and
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In times like these, we all need a little extra light in our lives. Be
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With the extended “Stay-at-Home” order, Braille Institute is now offering remote services with ‘live’ online workshops, classes and virtual sessions
while our centers remain physically closed. We will continue to monitor
and follow local guidelines. Meanwhile, online and phone support also
remain available Monday-Friday.

View new remote service offerings.

Register here for online workshops.

We’re still here for you!

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