Thursday, July 2, 2020

Jorja Smith - Rose Rouge

All proceeds from sales of this 7” single release via this store will be donated to the non-profit Kwanda, a platform designed to both help and encourage individuals giving back to, and building within, black communities.

Rose Rouge is released as part of the forthcoming Blue Note Re:imagined album
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Original by St Germain
Director: Samona Olanipekun
Producer: Aws Al-Jezairy
Production Company: Object & Animal
Exec. Producer: Morgan Clement

Edit: Samona Olanipekun
Titles: Dennis McInnes
Colourist: Jason Wallis, at ETC

“With so much currently happening and even more yet to happen, I felt it was important to take stock. The film was an opportunity to highlight the immense effort being made including the strength and the spirit display. It's so easy to get disheartened and lose sight of what we're fighting for. Jorja's Rose Rouge is a beautiful track that has the power to unite and inspire. It was only right that we aimed to match that energy with the visuals. It was also important to draw a link to the freedom fighters that came before us. We're part of a fight that began long before most of us were born and it's highly likely it will continue after we are gone; all we can do is carry the baton and continue to demand change.” - Samona Olanipekun – Director

“We have to continue the conversation around injustices that are and have been inflicted upon black people all over the world. This video is a tribute to all the people who have paved the way for black empowerment and freedom. We are not going to stay quiet - black lives matter - they always have. Samona, who directed the video, captured the togetherness and power of the movement and I hope when you watch, you feel with us.” – Jorja Smith

Object & Animal would like to thank the following people for letting us use their footage, donations have been made on their behalf to Black Lives Matter Global Network, The Black Curriculum, Martha P Johnson Institute, 4Front Project. Contributors; Alex Kurunis, Amir Shah, Anthony Diaz, Arran Green, Aws Al-Jezairy, Bianca Zehraa Humbert, Blake Atwell, Ollie Watton, Caroline Hajny, Gabriella Viana, Gaul Porat, Giuseppe Forchia, Guy Rolfe, Heather Christothoulou, James Cunningham, Jonique Purcell, Khali Ackford, Kimberly M Shackelford, Kirsty Selin, Lauren Michelle-Pires @luxorweddingfilms, Mahaneela Choudhury-Reid, Marques Tracy, Mike Hixenbaugh, Mollie Mills, Morgan Clement, Oli Harrison-Wydra, Ollie Olanipekun, Phoebe Cowley, Raghib Choudhary, Regys Badi, Rin Nagamoto, Rob Mathieson, Roberts Bizgalis, Rose Skinner-Matey, Sasha Stern, Solomon O.B*, Sophie Jones Sudi, @United.LDN, Fungsdae and Guch, Tom Elliott , Xavier De Sousa, Noelle Miller, Nathan Trumbull, Christine Yuan, Kinolibrary, Deepa Keshvala, Sam Blenkinsop, Bwalya Newton, John Boyega, Wynta-Amor Rogers, DJ Kaspa, Jorja Smith, The Evening Standard, Sandro Gromen-Hayes, Manoel Akure, Simphiwe Stewart, Oscar Riley, Mia Howe, Motoring Coventry.

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