Thursday, July 9, 2020




With a soft thud and a scattering of dust motes, an intrepid explorer’s craft landed upon the planetoid. Although only a ship of medial weight, the craft sank slightly as it came to rest upon the ground, which bore a peculiar consistency that gave the planetoid its strange name. “Beautiful MUDHORN”, thought the explorer with sardonic appreciation as he stepped forth from his vessel, boots squelching into the soil below. Strange, he thought, that such an unappealing planetoid could be the only place in the galaxy to find the treasure he sought, though there was also a certain poetic irony to the situation. Gazing to the horizon, the explorer took in the magnificent view that bore the inspiration for the other half of the planet’s name. Before him towered spire after spire of sedimentary rock, long eroded and twisted into a multitude of naturally sculpted forms by the near constant rain that fell upon the planetoids surface.

It said that within these spires that lay magnificent flora imbued with healing properties that seemed almost magical, imprisoned within the unique microclimates created as the rain eroded small chimneys into the planet’s eponymous “horns.” For the brave explorer such as himself that would risk the planetoid’s gauntlet of natural obstacles and disasters, from typhoons and mudslides to quicksand and the ravenous insectoid lifeforms that thrived amidst the ever present humidity of the place, these plantoid lifeforms were a verdant treasure trove of unbelievable import. After fighting his way through these myriad struggles and summiting one of the surface’s jagged horns, the explorer took great care in opening a passage that would not damage the fragile ecosystem below. As he reached the cavern floor, the explorer found himself surprised at his surroundings, for herein was not a magnificent natural greenhouse, nor plants of any alien nature, but simply a small patch of grass that rustled softly beneath his feet. Curious, the explorer plucked a frond from beneath him and bit into it. Met with magical revitalization after his many trials he was not, but rather with a singular and unmistakable taste: lemon. In an instant it came to him that MUDHORN was not all it had seemed, and that his eccentric employer had sent him on a galactic mission for naught but an uncommon cooking ingredient.

CHRIS.SU leads the EATBRAIN horde to new galactic realms with MUDHORN, his latest release on the label. After a long absence from the label whilst delving into sonic space on his own Fate Recordings imprint, the longtime EATBRAIN explorer returns to the label with a pair of tracks fueled by sludge slinging basslines sourced from his individual sonic journeys.

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