Monday, June 1, 2020

Korsakov Music PRFCT Mandem // Formation EP OUT June 5th, 2020

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It’s a PRFCT breakthrough tale…

A label reaches out to the biggest D&B community online for demos for a forthcoming new talent compilation. Announced during an era when many artists have suddenly found themselves at the mercy of spare time, they get inundated with so many demos Google threaten to cancel their inbox for fear of gully meltdown.

While some submissions have been sent to permanent quarantine, many more showed serious stinker symptoms. Some showed so many, in fact, they’ve high jumped the compilation queue and been signed for a whole series of EPs.

That label is Korsakov. The act is Manchester-based Latvian/Irish duo PRFCT Mandem. This is their heavyweight breakthrough.

Six slabs of turbo dancefloor mutations, ‘Formation’ captures the duo’s shared spirt from all angles. An act forged through the love of Manchester’s underground club and squat party scene, their sound is a raw visceral melting pot that touches on all the best rave sounds. High fever bassline riffs, grotty textures, toxic tech, sleazy funk… It’s all in the PRFCT Mandem mix as they take us from the whip-slapping fire-cracking bass worms of ‘Dissection’ and ‘Generator’ to the much darker, swampier halftime exploration ‘Hit’. Elsewhere the opening cut ‘Oscillation’ flicks and flexes into the ether with techno tenacity while title track ‘Formation’ takes us on an aggy, spiky funk rampage while ‘Jungle Is Massive’ takes us on a darkside safari where the funk is of a much darker, pranged out flavour.

All debuted on their highly popular streams during lockdown, each track packs a punch that belies the duo’s young age. Having made their debut just months ago in November 2019, they’re only just warming up. The PRFCT breakthrough is looking set to be a PRFCT rise… 

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