Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Veil of Time (3D Binaural Headphone Surround Audio) by Max Cooper and Ke...

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This project with Kevin McGloughlin started with the idea of playing with time. I was interested in the idea of time as something like another physical dimension, moving forward as a growing structure, and the slitscan technique made famous by Stanley Kubrick in his 1968 film, 2001 A Space Odyssey. This technique captures a thin line of image at any one moment, stretching out time across each single frame on screen. I thought it could be something like what our world might look like if we weren't stuck inside it, pinned to our timeline.

Kevin McGloughlin took this rough idea and created something entirely unexpected, an abstracted love story of sorts, full of tiny cuts and suggestive imagery, taking the whole project far beyond our initial discussions in quality, as he always does! So when it came to making a 3D headphone surround sound version of the project I thought it was a great opportunity to revisit the audio form and score it more closely to Kevin's video work.

I added a lot of real binaural recordings of me walking in the forest and making various clicks and crunches, along with Rob Clouth's amazing "Dust" VST which creates a binaural particle field around a simulated listener (you), and some basic binaural panning too. I tried to make this new spatial format follow Kevin's visual story and sync to his micro cuts of momentary visuals.

The 3D binaural surround sound content only works if you listen with headphones though, as it needs a clean left and right signal reaching your left and right ears.

The high-res audio is available for free download as part of a 3D Reworks EP where I have take 4 pieces of music and converted them to this new listening format - some headphone focused music which can transport you to somewhere else while we're all stuck at home.

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