Monday, April 13, 2020

Healing The World from Covid-19

This is amazing. We as a people must harness all energy towards the greater good and the protection of our families. Respect the traditions of our native people across the globe. Let us all pray to a higher power to do away with
Covid- 19.  Cast out any dark energy. Protect your community. Beautiful hoop dancing and native singing. I spied a short clip of A-Mountain in  Tucson. Here at BellaBassFly we represent unity through dance. Stay home, stay safe. Keep dancing. Keep singing for the greater good.


The Native American Hoop Dance is considered a healing dance. The Hoop Dancers across the United States and Canada wanted to offer our healing to the world. The dance offers up a prayer to the Creator as we battle the Covid19 pandemic. May all our prayers be heard. Happy Easter From the Native American Hoop Dance Community 2020 Video Edited by Eric Hernandez #HappyEaster #healing #Hoopdance Speaker Dennis Bowen Sr. Seneca Nation Bear Clan Allegany Seneca Territory Singers Ryon Polequaptewa Hopi Steve LaRance Hopi Kenny Duncan San Carlos Apache Hoop Dancers Ann Abeyta Eastern Shoshone/Isleta Pueblo Jackie Bird Mandan Hidatsa/ Arikara Cody Boettner Creek Josiah Enriquez Pojoaque Pueblo Celina Cada-Matasawagon Ojibway Erin Goedel Campbell Yakama/Tulalip/Lumbee Jerry First Charger Blood Vince Davis Hopi/Choctaw Kevin Duncan San Carlos Apache Sky Duncan San Carlos Apache /Mhahidasa Tony Duncan San Carlos Apache /Mhahidasa Violet Duncan Plains Cree Jonathan Dane Feather Cherokee/Lakota Terry L Goedel Yakama/Tulalip Michael Goedel Yakama/Tulalip/Lumbee Brian Hammill Hochunk Nedallas Hammill Dine’/Hochunk Eric Hernandez Lumbee Tomas Hunt Dine’ James Jones Tall cree First Nation Tara Goedel Kingi Yakama/Tulalip/Lumbee Shandien LaRance Hopi/ Tewa Nakota LaRance Hopi/ tewa Samuel Joe Losik Tulalip/Yakama Melia Losik Tualip/Yakama Lisa Odjig Odawa/Ojibwe Meredith Schramm Omaha Joseph Secody Dine’ Moontee Sinquah Hopi/ Tewa/ Choctaw Sampson Sinquah Gila River Pima/ Hopi/ Cherokee Scott Sinquah Gila River Pima/ Hopi/ Cherokee Ginger Sykes Torres Navajo Naakaii Tsosie Navajo Patrick Willie Navajo Dallas Arcand Yellowdirt Alexander First Nation Sandra Yellowhorn Blackfoot Rueben Zendejas Omaha

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