Monday, February 3, 2020

Against a Dark Background – the full-length studio album from long-standing British techno duo, Spektre

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 Against a Dark Background – the full-length studio album from long-standing British techno duo, Spektre – will be released in early 2020 on Pleasurekraft’s esteemed Kraftek imprint.

Following their critically-acclaimed debut album Casting Shadows Without Light in 2010 and their sophomore outing Cyclic Operations in 2013, Against a Dark Background will be the third studio long-player from partners Paul Maddox and Rich Wakley, who have been producing together under the Spektre moniker since 2006.
 Currently in the top five-selling techno artists worldwide and with over 500,000 streams per month on Spotify, Spektre have taken the electronic music world by storm over the past few years, with their forward-thinking productions and high-intensity live performances resonating with legions of loyal techno fans across all corners of the globe. 

Spektre – Faith in resonance

 Now key ambassadors for British dance music on a global level, Spektre’s chart-topping productions have received high praise from the likes of Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Pleasurekraft and Alan Fitzpatrick and the duo are often hailed as one of the most exciting acts to emerge onto the UK techno scene over the past decade.
 Talking about the forthcoming album, Spektre commented:
It had been over 5 years since the release of "Cyclic Operations" when we first started work on the new album in earnest, so we wanted it to be a representation of how our music has evolved in that intervening period. The writing process itself was a lot more reductive than the previous two albums. We holed ourselves up for a few months and hammered out loads and loads of ideas, then filtered and refined the pool through playing them out and getting feedback from a few trusted pairs of ears, until "Against a Dark Background" began to crystalize into its final form.

Spektre – Smokescreen Sky

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